Strange Worlds

Denise Nestor is an illustrator from Ireland. She has a unique style, mixing the real and unreal as well as soft lines and thicker, more colorful lines. Her style is both weird and fashionable, featuring naturalistic humans in trendy clothes, but adding bunny ears or other wildlife. Her style creates a dreamy atmosphere by using soft pencils and only bits of color as well as leaving parts of the works unfinished. Her subjects seem to drift off the page, and some additions, like a bunny mask or furry hood, are drawn over the figures, but not colored in or finished. I really like her style both how she draws the figures and how she creates a collage-look in her drawings.

Rabbit Mask
Pencil and coloured pencil on paper

Pencil on paper with vectors

She also does realistic images of animals, most of which are arranged in a circular plane. These are all done in pencil and seem delicate because of their lightness and faint lines. The animals are extremely detailed and well done. The circular images of wildlife look folk-arty and very different from her more edgy and strange drawings of people.

Wreath (February)
Pencil on paper

Check out her other drawings on her site:

Amy Case, a painter based out of Cleveland, OH, paints houses specifically. Not just normal houses though, she creates fantastical towns. Her houses are all different colors, shapes and sizes. They are sometimes stacked on top of each other and sometimes are strung together in a hammock-type of shape. Sometimes there are a few houses in a line and sometimes there are millions. She is a creator of different worlds. I really like her style. I love how creative she is! The houses appear to be rickety and just strung together, barely hanging on. Her houses have an insecurity to them, but they also resemble everyday houses which gives the viewer a subtle security of being home. Her works are quaint and folky. This is created by her use of warm colors and limited color palette as well as by her use of line to create texture. To me, her work seems to resemble a world that would be created by Tim Burton. However her world is lighter and happier, and more linear and geometric than his organic curls.

Acrylic on paper

Hive Study

See more at:

Erin Case is a Michigan-based artist who works mainly with collage. Her collages feature photographs or paintings of humans with their faces removed and replaced, usually, with a landscape photograph. Or, they feature mountains or other landscapes turned into humans by adding a face and arms. She also uses paint to add texture to her work. I really like the dreamy feel that she creates. Although she uses bright colors, the themes of her collages seem dark. The removal of faces in some makes them seem creepy, and as if that person’s identity has been taken from them. She also adds images of skulls, or parts of skulls, to the images which, although the people may seem happy, makes it seem as if death is sneaking up on them – like it is never far away. The removing of the faces and the randomly placed bodies in her collages also give a feeling of being lost.

Haircut 10

Her paintings are “blocky”, she uses bright colors and a simple comic book style to create images of people, animals in space outfits and dinosaurs. These photos seem more silly and look like old fashioned advertisements. Her paintings are done mostly in acrylics and on wooden panels.

She also has ink drawings and watercolors which return to the spooky nature of the collages. With dripping eyes and missing or disfigured faces, these characters seem more lost and gritty than the colorful paintings.

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2 thoughts on “Strange Worlds

  1. Erin Case says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for your nice words about my artwork! I’d like to add that “Haircut 10” is part of a collaborative series of works done with the super talented photographer Andrew Tamlyn. You can view more of his work at .

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